Anniversary Gift Chart

Year - Traditional Times/Modern Day Gifts
1st - Paper / Clock
2nd - Cotton / China
3rd - Leather / Crystal or Glass
4th - Fruit or Flowers / Appliance
5th - Woodenware / Silverware
6th - Candy or Iron / Woodenware
7th - Wood or Copper / Desk Set
8th - Bronze or Pottery / Linen or Lace
9th - Pottery or Willow / Leather Item
10th - Tin or Aluminum/Diamond Jewelry
11th - Steel / Fashion Jewelry
12th - Silk or Linens / Pearls
13th - Lace / Textiles or Furs
14th - Ivory / Gold Jewelry
15th - Crystal / Watch
20th - China / Platinum
25th - Silver / Silver
30th - Pearls / Diamond Jewelry
35th - Coral / Jade
40th - Ruby / Ruby
50th - Gold / Gold
55th - Emeralds / Emeralds
60th - Diamonds / Diamonds

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Birthstones Colors by Month

Birthstones Colors 

01 - January - Garnet
02 - February - Light Purple
03 - March - Blue/Green Aquamarine
04 - April - Diamond
05 - May - Emerald
06 - June - Pearl
07 - July - Ruby
08 - August - Light Green Peridot
09 - September - Blue Sapphire
10 - October - Multicolor Opal
11 - November - Golden Topaz
12 - December - Turquoise

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Video on Bill and Coin Roll Search & Fishing


Welcome Aboard, sharing our stories of coin roll hunting, collecting, fishing, and so much more. 

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Coin Roll Hunting, electronics, PC Builder, and all things technology. My passion for the water, boating, fishing, the beach, shrimping, and just spending time with family and friends. #oakhillvibe

The Book Adventurer on Facebook @TheBookAdventurer

The Book Adventurer

This site is dedicated to bringing you information on books, authors, libraries, museums, bookstores – really anything and anyplace related to books! Although I’m not a professional writer, I am a book and reading enthusiast who wants to share my insights and musings (ramblings, if you will) with anyone who shows an interest in them.

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